Let SPC Take The Stress Out Of Publishing
Your School Newspaper!

Why Not have The Best Of Both Worlds?

You're on a tight budget, so you need a very low price and you'd like to have some pages in full color but...
You want your paper to have excellent photo reproduction and it needs to be shipped today.
SPC's EconoTab to the rescue!!

SPC's EconoTab newspaper has all the great features of our full service papers and you'll still receive our friendly customer service. Our photo quality is second to none and your paper will be shipped the same day if we receive it by 3:00 if you print in black ink - noon if it has color.

The only difference is the EconoTab is only printed in the middle of the month. We're giving your school a savings for printing on our off peak times. The EconoTab is available from the 5th to the 20th of the month, except in February. In February, the EconoTab is printed from the 1st to the 9th. If your publishing schedule allows for this, then the EconoTab is the paper you've been looking for.

Our extremely low prices and low additional price for color printing allows schools with tight budgets to still have a top quality paper with full color printing.


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