Want Your Art And Photos Printed in Full Color? No Problem!

If you thought full color printing was out your budget, you may have to think again! SPC offers full color printing on all or any pages of your Literary Magazine!

Print as many or as few full color pages as you need. Our low prices allow you to have full color and stay within your budget. If last year's black and white magazine wasn't the big hit you'd hoped for, perhaps some color in this year's book will do the trick!

What pages are available in color?

Dickinson, Poe, and Frost
Since the Dickinson, Poe, and Frost are printed on our digital press, you can order color on a per page basis. You can order as many or few color pages as you need, and pay on a per page basis. This allows you great flexibility on the placement of your color pages.

Color Cost (Soft Cover OR Self Cover): Add $0.06 per color page per copy
For example if you are printing 50 copies of a 16 page Poe the black and white price is $156. If you decide to have 5 of the pages in color the additional cost is $15 (5 x 50 x 0.06). The total cost for the book will be $171.
If you need help calculating the additional cost for color, call our office or visit our web page.

Our high speed web press runs your magazine pages on large sheets of paper with eight pages on each side of these sheets. Each side of a sheet is called a press run.

Color printing is sold on a per press run basis. One low price includes color on all eight pages. You don't have to put color on all the pages, but we suggest you do. If you print both sides of the sheet in color (16 pages), we discount the second side.
If you decide to print all pages in color, you'll receive a discounted rate on the color charge.

Color Cost: $160 for 8 Full Color Pages (one press run)
For example, 500 copies of a 16 page Self Cover Hemingway magazine prices are as followed:
Black & White - $402, 8 Pages Color (1 Press Run) - $562, 16 Pages Color (2 Press Runs) - $722